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Gordon Monro — The Equations of the Moon (Video)

Full HD video (1080p, 24fps), stereo sound, duration 3 mins (2019)
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The remarkable achievements of the U.S. moon landings in 1968-1972 rested on two main pillars. The first pillar is a long history of scientific endeavour going back to ancient times. Among relevant items are careful observations of the motions of the moon, development of the theory of gravitation, and the use of electromagnetic phenomena for long-distance communication using cables and radio waves. The second pillar is the development of rockets as carriers of weapons, starting with the German V2 rocket of World War II, and continuing after the war in the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union with the development of inter-continental ballistic missiles, starting with captured German rockets and scientists. The rockets used for the moon launches and robotic exploration of the solar system are direct descendants of the carriers of weapons of mass destruction.

"Equations of the Moon" is a short video that presents various equations and numbers from the two pillars underpinning the moon landings, together with related images; it concludes with the distribution of the TV signal of the first moon landing from the radio-telescope at Parkes to the rest of the world. The sound is a sonification of the so-called Metonic cycle, used to harmonise solar and lunar calendars;19 solar years is almost exactly 235 lunar months. The cycle was discovered at least 2500 years before the moon landings. The sonification covers the 19 years 2014 to 2032 inclusive and represents calendar months, lunar months, the dates of Easter, and (partial) solar and lunar eclipses visible from Melbourne.


'Equations of the Moon' still 1 'Equations of the Moon' still 2 'Equations of the Moon' still 3 'Equations of the Moon' still 4 'Equations of the Moon' still 5 'Equations of the Moon' still 6

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