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Gordon Monro describes himself as a generative artist: generative artists design processes that in turn generate artworks, either autonomously or in collaboration with humans. In Gordon's case, the generating system is a computer program and the artwork is made in a digital medium: digital prints and videos, or a display generated in real time by the computer.

Gordon draws on his background in science and mathematics to make works that often draw their inspiration from realms outside the confines of purely human concerns; he is also interested in the large-scale forces operating on human society. His primary sources are geometry and pure mathematics, and processes of various kinds in the natural and human worlds. Gordon also draws on the history of Western abstract art, and in particular on constructivist art and minimalist art.

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Click to reveal textMonro, Monroe, Munro, Munroe

There are several ways of spelling my surname. If you are looking for Gordon Monroe or Gordon Munro or Gordon Munroe I may or may not be the person you want. However, my name is actually Gordon MONRO.

Click to reveal textWhy Gommog?

Since there are several ways of spelling my surname, people often misspell the "Monro" part of my name; I found I couldn't base my domain name on "Monro", as if I did, people couldn't find me. I chose "Gommog" because it was available as a domain name (the main consideration), it was short, and it was related to my real name, being derived from the first two letters of "Gordon" and the first two letters of "Monro".

When I started using "Gommog" nobody else was, as far as I could find out. Since then, I have come across across two or three other Gommogs. I don't have any connection with any of them.

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