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Gordon Monro — Bubble Chamber (Video)

Full HD video (1080p, 60fps), mono sound, duration 30 mins 25 secs (2018)
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Considerable attention has been paid to the way that the Internet and social media enclose us in our own little bubbles, bubbles that reflect back at us views, opinions and prejudices like our own. The video Bubble Chamber presents a sampling of bubbles.

This video is a stand-alone work. It was also the central component in the Bubble Chamber site-specific installation.


'Bubble Chamber' still 1 'Bubble Chamber' still 2

Video (extract)

An extract (1'22") from the Bubble Chamber video. This extract has 24 fps (frames per second), but the full video has 60 fps, so the animation is smoother. If the video doesn't appear below, the link is https://youtu.be/nwVw2MLoz2Q.

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The video is related to the Bubble Chamber site-specific installation.

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