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Computer-generated digital prints
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The imaginary creatures in Shaping Evolution were evolved by a computer program written by the artist. Each creature has "DNA" (a small amount of data in the computer) that generates its image. The creatures were evolved from random starting DNA by processes of "breeding", "mutation" and "survival of the fittest", carried out automatically in the computer.

The "creature" prints are available in two sizes, 57 x 57 cm and 32 x 32 cm. There is a unified edition of 8 for each print (that is, a total of 8 for both sizes together). The "DNA" prints are available in one size, 32 x 32 cm, edition of 8 for each print. All prints 2011.


The print 'Avipiscis carcinopedis' The genome for 'Avipiscis carcinopedis' The print 'Flabellum nebulosum' The genome for 'Flabellum nebulosum' The print 'Prosopeion diabolicum' The genome for 'Prosopeion diabolicum' The print 'Pseudopapilio tortilis' The genome for 'Pseudopapilio tortilis' The print 'Sphenarion bifidum' The genome for 'Sphenarion bifidum' The print 'Spiculator rapax' The genome for 'Spiculator rapax'
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The Shaping Evolution prints are related to the video Shaping Evolution.

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