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Gordon Monro — Pandemic Distortions

Computer-generated digital prints
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The Pandemic Distortions prints were started during the pandemic lockdowns in Victoria in 2020 and completed during the further lockdowns in 2021. They consist of photographs of objects in the artist's house and garden, distorted in various ways.

Digital prints. Each is unique (edition of 1).

Titles and sizes (H x W, framed):


The print 'Book Leaf' The print 'Circular Banana' The print 'Gears of Time' The print 'Inverse Dandelion' The print 'Mask Whirl' The print 'Music Mobile' The print 'Square Fan' The print 'Tyre Saw' The print 'Unsquare Dance' The print 'Just One More...'
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The Pandemic Distortions series is related to the print Labyrinth for Lockdown, which is also based on photographs and was created during COVID-19 lockdowns.

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