Gordon Monro — Difference Engine prints

Gordon Monro — Difference Engine 4 Prints

Pairs of digital prints showing a 4 x 4 array of patterns and the corresponding DNA, generated by the same computer program as the other Difference Engine prints.

Each print 32 x 32 cm. Unique state prints (edition of 1). Date: 2014.


The print 'Differencce Engine 4-02a' The print 'Difference Engine 4-02b' The print 'Difference Engine 4-04a' The print 'Difference Engine 4-04b' The print 'Differencce Engine 4-06a' The print 'Difference Engine 4-06b'
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The Difference Engine 4 prints are part of the Difference Engine grouping of prints. This grouping of prints is related to the video Difference Engine: Genetic Crossfades.

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