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Gordon Monro — Alogos: Maze of Triangles

Computer-generated digital print
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Alogos: Maze of Triangles shows a small part of a pattern that is not random, but that never repeats, however far it is extended. It is derived from a construction known as an Ammann-Beenker tiling, discovered independently in the 1970s by Robert Ammann and F.P.M. Beenker.

The general possibility of such non-random aperiodic tilings was only realised in the 1960s, though other forms of the “irrational” (alogos) in mathematical contexts were known to the ancient Greeks.

Alogos: Maze of Triangles is related to the prints Alogos: Square and Alogos: Hexagonal.

Digital print, 65 x 130 cm. Edition of 5, 2020.


The print 'Alogos: Maze of Triangles' The print 'Alogos: Maze of Triangles', detail

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