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Computer-generated digital prints
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Nanocosm is a miniature world that lives in a computer program written by Gordon Monro. It is a world of hexagonal entities, which spawn, move, and fuse together to make bigger entities; the world evolves slowly over time.

The prints in the Nanocosm series show aspects of the world of Nanocosm at various stages of its evolution. The Nanocosm installation shows the world of Nanocosm evolving in real time.

More information on Nanocosm.

A note on the multi-level hexagonal grid used in Nanocosm.

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The entities in Nanocosm have colours, which are expressed to a varying extent during the evolution. Some of the prints emphasise the colours of the entities more than others.

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Nanocosm also exists as a real-time installation. The prints are generated by the same program that runs the installation, but at a much higher resolution than a projector can achieve.

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