Gordon Monro — Cloud Drum prints

Gordon Monro — Drum Mask Prints

Computer-generated digital prints

Part of the Cloud Drum grouping of prints. The Drum Mask prints form a sequence, showing successive stages in the response of a virtual drum to a single strike of a virtual mallet.

Digital prints, 50 x 50 cm. Edition of 3 for each print. Date: 2009.


The print 'Drum Mask 1' The print 'Drum Mask 2' The print 'Drum Mask 3' The print 'Drum Mask 4' The print 'Drum Mask 5' The print 'Drum Mask 6' The print 'Drum Mask 7' The print 'Drum Mask 8'
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The Drum Mask prints are part of the Cloud Drum grouping of prints. This grouping of prints is related to the installation Cloud Drum and the video Drum Mask.

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