Gordon Monro — Cloud Drum prints

Gordon Monro — Miscellaneous Cloud Drum Prints

Computer-generated digital prints
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Various small prints that are part of the Cloud Drum grouping of prints. Each print represents the response of a virtual drum to being struck with a virtual mallet. For some prints the mallet was a geometrical shape (circular or rectangular); for others it was obtained by a shadow cast during the operation of the Cloud Drum installation.

Digital prints (2009), 20 x 20 cm. Edition of 3 for each print. Date: 2009.


The print 'Cloud Drum 1-06' The print 'Cloud Drum 2-04' The print 'Cloud Drum 2-08' The print 'Cloud Drum 2-09' The print 'Cloud Drum 3-01' The print 'Cloud Drum 3-02' The print 'Cloud Drum 3-07' The print 'Cloud Drum 3-13' The print 'Cloud Drum X-02' The print 'Cloud Drum X-06'
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These prints are part of the Cloud Drum grouping of prints. This grouping of prints is related to the installation Cloud Drum and the video Drum Mask.

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