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Gordon Monro — Veronica: Contact of Worldlines (Installation)

Zometool construction and video (2019)
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This work was a response to an invitation from the Rev Doug Purnell, artist and theologian, to participate in an exhibition showing the Stations of the Cross. Doug welcomes artists from outside the religious tradition; I am not a Christian.

In relativity theory, a worldline is the track of a particle through the four dimensions of space-time. It gives a God's-eye view: past, present and future are treated alike.

The work is an installation with two components, a sculptural construction (approximately 140 cm high) made using the mathematical construction kit Zometool, and a video, to be placed behind the construction, showing a crowd scene.

In the construction, time runs vertically downwards, and only two spatial dimensions are shown. Jesus (red), caged in by the soldiers and the crowd, spirals down to his prophesied death. Veronica (blue) comes from outside, joins with the crowd, meets Jesus and performs her brave and compassionate act, then returns to the obscurity she came from.

The main part of the construction has three-fold symmetry, but the base is a six-pointed star: Jesus was Jewish, as was his cultural milieu, and we may presume that Veronica was Jewish also.

Approximate dimensions: construction 140 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm (H x W x D). Video: full HD (1920 x 1080), 24p; duration 6 mins 23 secs, intended to be looped.

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Veronica construction Veronica construction, detail Still from movie

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