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Gordon Monro — Nanocosm (Installation)

Real-time computer-based installation (2016, revised version 2017)
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Nanocosm is a real-time installation showing a miniature world of hexagonal entities, which spawn, move, and fuse together to make bigger entities.

The world of Nanocosm is independent of our human hopes and fears; it has its own laws and imperatives that play out in their own time. The work slowly evolves over a period of days or weeks, using its own miniature version of biological evolution within a strict geometric framework.

The world is too large to be shown on a single screen, so the viewpoint roams across the world. If more than one computer and projector is used, the different projections show different views into the same world.

More information on Nanocosm.

A note on the multi-level hexagonal grid used in Nanocosm.


Photo of projection Photo of projection - early stage of evolution Trial installation (Monash University) Installation (Monash University) Installation layout (Art Gallery of Ballarat) Photo of projection Photo of projection


A brief video (3'10"; lower resolution than the original projection), capturing a small part of the evolution of Nanocosm.

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