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Gordon Monro — Cloud Drum (Installation)

Interactive installation (2008)
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Cloud Drum is an interactive installation based on the vibrations of an idealised drum. Physically the installation consists of a webcam mounted over a light source, a video projector and a sound system. A visitor moves a hand under the webcam; the resulting shadow shape is used as a mallet to strike the virtual drum. The video display shows a cross-section of the resulting vibrations of the virtual drum, greatly slowed down. The audio is a kind of cross-section of the various modes making up the vibrations; each mode is only heard part of the time. Once struck, the virtual drum vibrates for several minutes, and is then ready to receive another impulse.

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


Image made by the 'Cloud Drum' program Image made by the 'Cloud Drum' program Image made by the 'Cloud Drum' program Installation view, 
						Trocadero Art Space nstallation view, 'Time Transcendence Performance' conference, Monash University Box with webcam Box with hood thrown back


A brief video (1'16") showing Cloud Drum being triggered.

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The Cloud Drum installation is related to the Cloud Drum grouping of prints. For a stand-alone video work related to the installation, see the page for the Drum Mask video.

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